Bar M is a farm that is dedicated to the sport of reining.  I have bred quarter horses all of my life.  Previously, I raised halter horses for a while then worked on all around horses until my brother had me ride one of his reining fillies.  When I sat the stop the first time I bought her.  She is still at the farm and is now part of my broodmare herd.  I fell in love with the sport right then and there.  After that I purchased a colt from his program that is now my stallion and that started the roots in the industry.  Since then I have really started to focus my Macro breeding program on increasing the depth of good home raised babies here in the mid Atlantic region.  Using both my trainer and my breeder as well as getting out and seeing babies and how they cross to certain bred mares in the industry.  We are looking to better our breeding operation which we hope will translate nicely to the show pen. 

We have been fortunate enough to bring in our trainer Josh Miller to head up the training and show efforts here at Bar M Performance horses.  Josh Miller has talent.  I have seen the way he gets his horses prepared for show and works with his horses for the past couple of years and when the opportunity came where we could get him in house I jumped on it. Reining and the sport of reining is a huge passion for him.  He has a certain set of standards that can help the farm stay honest in its approach to not only show reining horses but also breed and train reining horses.

Bar M Performance Horses

Matt Murphy, Owner | Josh Miller, Trainer

Boonsboro, Maryland