We are an equine breeding and wellness facility specializing in the breeding of quarter horses for the reining horse industry.

Our treatment area is equipped with an EquiVibe plate, Ice-Vibe boots and space for a Pain Point Release session.

The Equi-vibe plate

Whole Body Vibration

  • Increases Bone Density and Strength
  • Increased Blood flow
  • Removal of toxins and metabolic waste
  • Enhances the body's ability to heal
  • Reduces muscle soreness and
  • Accelerated Hoof Growth

If your horse is in training, competition, on stall rest or if you’re program incorporates preventative care, then you hose should be on the EquiVibe plate. The EquiVibe can do almost all the exercises and provide the same therapy that the walkers, aqua treadmills, spas, ultrasound and laser therapy and other high expensive equipment can do.

Pain Point Release

A pain point release is a rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system relieving muscle tension and soreness to free up the horses movement. Good anatomical balance is the design of the body and how the muscles hold the bones together in a way that the joints work the way they were intended. A balanced horse performs efficiently, moving in a smooth even fashion.

There are a number of reasons why the joints in the horse’s body may not be working correctly. Incorrect tension in the muscles is a bigger factor than most realize.

Bar M Performance Horses

Matt Murphy, Owner | Josh Miller, Trainer

Boonsboro, Maryland